Renee Roeder Earley

Hat maker since 1993

I am a one person studio specializing in sewn hats from fine fabrics such as wool and linen. I have developed my own patterns through trial and error over the course of 20 years of Hat-making experience.

Coming from the upper mid-west, I always have in mind warmth and practicality. I enjoy finding new ways to make everyday hats unique with little hand touches of whimsey or elegance. I also love to push the boundaries and challenge myself and my customer with hats as sculpture. I have found through the thrill of experimentation not to underestimate my audience.

Simplicity and control are the basic elements of Hat-making. One small design element can inspire me to create a whole line of hats ranging from the silly to the sublime. I enjoy exploring the design limits I set for myself, creating one-of-a-kind ” Outre”, hats for special occasions on one side of the spectrum , to more everyday wearable hats with just a touch of fun on the other. The Art in Hat-making is to find a balance between fun and practicality. Sometimes tipping the scale more one way than the other, but ever keeping in mind the fact of wearability. I want all of my hats to be worn. That is the fun of having them.

I consider Hat-making a fine art along with the fine arts of Painting and Sculpture, as it uses both the elements of form and color plus the art of Personal Adornment.

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