95. Pillow hat. medium, large $45.

Renee Roeder Earley

Making Hats since 1993

I am a one woman business. Designing, patterning, sewing and embellishing handmade hats and accessories of all kinds for almost 30 years. The Art of Hat-making is finding the balance between fun and functionality. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind “Outré” hats for special occasions, as well as everyday practical hats made to be worn in the humid summers and chilly winters of the upper Midwest.  From the most subtle hat to the most sublime, all my creations are unified by elegant design and unexpected touches of whimsy.

I consider my hats a form of fine art, like painting, jewelry or sculpture. Just as these disciplines combine an understanding of form, color, and design, so do my creations. I try always to surprise and engage my customers, creating hats to be loved and worn again and again.

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